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Pesztonka electronic nasal aspirator

It is a specific problem of babies and infants that they cannot blow their noses, although they are exposed to colds and catarrhs of unpredictable seriousness throughout the year.
A child with a cold eats badly, but that is the least of his problems. Unremoved nasal discharge often becomes infected and turns greenish-yellow. The infected discharge is absorbed into the side cavities and causes sinusitis, inflammation of the middle ear, but can also be responsible for naso-pharyngitis, pharyngitis and also for tonsillitis, laryngitis and trachyitis. The initially harmless looking cold can be the source of an enormous lot of illnesses, so it is particularly important to correctly remove the nasal discharge. The degree of efficiency of the medication applied in the nose (nose drops) is also largely increased if used after cleansing of the nasal passages.
The Pesztonka nasal aspirator was produced after nearly ten years of development and clinical testing. It can be found on the shelves of baby shops, baby stores, apothecaries together with electronic breast pumps, or as an independent product.
The device achieves a perfect effect with ideal suction power; it is easy to clean and has two types of nozzle. In operation it makes no noise, so it does not frighten the baby, it is only the size of a hand, so it can be constantly within reach.
We export this product to a number of European Union member states, so more and more people are getting to know the beneficial effects of the Pesztonka nasal aspirator.
Take a look at the Pesztonka electronic nasal aspirator in our Web Store!
Take a look at the Pesztonka electronic nasal aspirator!
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