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Pesztonka electronic breast pump

There are numerous arguments for the use of breast pumps. It makes it possible to make use of the milk left in the breasts after feeding, and it also has a stimulating effect on lactation. It is indispensable for feeding the baby with breast milk when the mother is unable to feed the newborn at the necessary time or as often as the baby needs for some reason, e.g. premature birth, the baby’s illness.

Benefits of the Pesztonka electronic breast pump

  • Expressing breast milk will pose no problem even to first-time young mothers, because it is simple to handle the device and its use can be learned quickly and easily.
  • Expressing the breast milk requires no physical effort; suction can be regulated with a light hand movement.

  • This well-designed device is light, safe and comfortable to use.
  • Owing to the effective suction performance the time necessary for expressing the milk is considerably shorter.

  • The suction bell equipped with a silicon inlay, ensures the protection of sensitive nipples, and can be used irrespective of the features of the breast, or the position of the milk ducts.
  • As it is a domestic product the problems that might occur during use e.g. replacing the collecting bottle can be quickly solved.
The chief benefit of the Pesztonka electronic breast pump is that its attachment, a nasal aspirator adapter attachment, could add years to the length of its use during baby care.
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