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Pesztonka nasal aspirator

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The device achieves a perfect effect with ideal suction power, it is easy to clean and has two types of nozzle. In operation it makes no noise, so it does not frighten the baby.

It is a specific problem of babies and infants that they cannot blow their noses, although they are exposed to colds and catarrhs of unpredictable seriousness throughout the year. The initially innocuous looking cold can be the source of a large number of illnesses, so the correct removal of the nasal discharge is particularly important.

The Pesztonka nasal aspirator was created as a result of nearly ten years of development and clinical testing. This quiet, well-formed little device produces a continuous, strong vacuum, so the nasal passage is cleared within a few seconds. The two different probes belonging to the device can be used in all sizes of nostril and are easy to clean and sterilise.

Take a look at the Pesztonka nasal aspirator!


Pesztonka nasal aspirator ára: 11090 Ft

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