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About us

We founded Rokána Kft. (Ltd.) in 1991 for the production and marketing of the device we developed ourselves. We set as our target the marketing of products serving to preserve babies’ health as widely as possible. A determinant part of our activities is still the production and marketing of the breast pump and nasal aspirator with the brand name Pesztonka, but our range also includes other baby care products.

In the past years we have continuously developed our products and had them clinically tested. We have spent a lot of money on improving the quality and aesthetic appearance of the products and on making the brand name widely known. Our products all comply with European Union Standards and they are entitled to bear the CE qualifying mark. In addition to the above, we also owe our success to the fact that – uniquely in the market – we also provide a special nasal aspirator adapter to the breast pump, thus considerably lengthening the time of its usefulness.

We have participated in numerous exhibitions both in Hungary and abroad, and our products received a Ministerial commendation at the Quality Award Industrial Design competition in 1998 in recognition of our work.
We have reached a market leading position with our own products in the domestic market, and, owing to the continuously increasing demand for our products, we are now exporting them to the international market, including France among others, too.

Our quality policy


One of the chief aims of the company management is that Rokána Kft. should become a reliable partner for those using its services, such as developing, producing and servicing our therapeutic equipment, or teaching people the correct use of the devices, or giving technical advice.

Our basic principle is that everything should be a little more than can be expected. This requirement refers not only to the products and services, but also to all the areas complementing this activity. It is a basic target of our quality policy to win and maintain the trust and satisfaction of the customers.
We find it important to develop a supply that meets customers’ expectations and professional requirements as much as possible. In aid of this our specialists receive regular training.
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