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Priority products

Pesztonka nasal aspirator

17 years in the service of babies and mothers!


Owing to the professional experiences that we have gained in the past few years and the   continuous development of our research and our products we have been in the front line of baby care for over 17 years, which is attested to by our leading position in the domestic market and the continuous increase in international demand. Along with the Pesztonka  (Nanny) electric breast pump and nasal aspirator device we are trying to make mothers’ lives even happier with numerous other products.
If you would like to enjoy the moments of motherhood and give your child a happy childhood  take a look at our products!

Thousands of young mothers and babies can’t be wrong!

Pesztonka electric nasal aspirator

It is a specific problem of newborn babies and infants that they cannot blow their noses although they are exposed to colds and catarrhs of unpredictable seriousness through most of the year. This will cause no more problems with the Pesztonka electric nasal aspirator!

Benefits of Pesztonka Electric Nose Suction device:

  • Upgraded Model
  • More power, more suction power
  • Powerful, quiet motor
  • Heads can be changed and sterilised
  • Can also be battery-operated.
  • Mobile, portable
  • 2-year  warranty

Pesztonka electric breast pump

Pesztonka offers everything that a real nanny would: helps and provides security, saves time and effort, at the same time being kind to your purse! Take a look at our Pesztonka electric breast pump!

Benefits of Pesztonka Electric Milk and Nose Suction Device:

  • Powerful, quiet motor
  • Adjustable suction power
  • Can be sterilised
  • Can also be battery-operated
  • Two functions (with supplied adapter can also be used as a nose suction device)
  • 2-year warranty

Our accessory products

We have developed our products to serve the comfort of both babies and mothers! Take a look at them and enjoy every minute of baby care!

Useful advice

Mothers have a vast number of questions after the birth of their child. They would like to do everything as best they can: breast feed the baby as long as possible, and look after them properly when they become ill, and what is most important, be good mothers! Click here for useful advice.


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